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455% Zápas v kasíne Aktualizované: Novembra 18, 2010 Autor: Norbert Gulledge
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  • Ulysses Snoddy
    Ulysses Snoddy

    Veľa šťastia hráči tu!

  • Jacinto Crowther
    Jacinto Crowther

    Ako vždy dobré informácie, ďakujem veľa!

  • Tanner Bart
    Tanner Bart

    mám tuk mačka&;.well OK, a few of them Thanks for the post I have mentioned one of my ostside kitties Ola lately&;.yesterday I was heading uptown to get a Lottery ticket&;my drive is about 200 feet long and when I got near the end of it I looked in the rearview mirror and who is following me&;.yep, Ola I waited for him and he just jumped into the truck and sat down like a doggie&;.I think perhaps he thinks he IS a dog as cats usually do not ride like that Ola got a tour of the HUGE town I live by ()population 600) Looks just like Ola too